Some Background

I’ve been the eLearning Coordinator at my school since May 2010. I’ve implemented some massive changes in that time – when I got the post, we didn’t even have school email! I very much wish I was kidding about that… Some of the changes have included:

  • New school website, as the old one wasn’t something that we could update with any ease or regularity;
  • Whole school email using Google Apps
  • New VLE – realsmart instead of the clunky Moodle
  • A new ISP for the school, to move away from County’s provision (this is an on-going saga at the moment);
  • Implementation of a BYOD policy so that students can use their own devices on our network;
  • New online rewards system using Vivo Miles;
  • An action research project involving use of iPads (also on-going); and
  • Managing the eSafety policy/training as per Ofsted requirements.

I’ll also be managing the new network filter once the ISP is in place. All of this and I’m a full-load teacher!

I have no real training in EdTech, just a keen interest in using technology to enhance teaching and learning. I’m actually an Economics teacher who teaches English and Skills for Learning (a cross-curricular project-based learning subject for year 7). I spend a lot of time finding, evaluating and using new technologies both in my classroom and across the school. I’m lucky enough to have a fair amount of autonomy in this from my headteacher – he basically lets me do what I like technology-wise!

The blog is a place to share the work that I’m doing in the hope that I can help teachers in the same way that some of my favourite EdTech tweeters help me. It’ll hopefully have some decent resources and EdTech research links, given the action research I’m undertaking and the reading I do. That’s the hope, anyway!


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