Teaching is the best job in the world

There are so many reasons why teaching is a difficult job at the moment. I’ve written about many of them before, and no doubt will continue to do so in the future. However, there are also so many reasons why teaching is the greatest job in the world.

I’m a huge advocate of using Twitter as the base of a personal learning network (PLN). I follow a lot of fellow teachers, as well as a lot of professional associations such as my union. There’s something really joyous about scrolling down my Twitter feed and seeing all of the amazing things that teachers are doing with and for their students. How do you not smile when you see that @ICT_MrP has been awarded the Compassionate Teacher Award by PETA for the work that he and his class have done after watching Blackfish?

Then there’s @groganbee who has made a piano out of grapes. Seriously. Who does that, and can I come be a part of their class please?

@tombrush1982 has combined two fun things – jenga and QR codes – to create revision activities:

There’s so many more examples of great practice to be found. I love that teachers share so much with other teachers so that we can all improve the learning experiences of our students. To wrap up this post, let me show you what I got up to today in order to stimulate creative writing (the caption was added afterwards so that I could demonstrate an app, but it gave the students a giggle as well):


If you’ve had a bad day in the classroom, connect with other teachers and be inspired. It’s worth the time – you just never know what you’ll come across.


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