The iPad Journey – Journey Into the App Store

We started with the bidding process, handed out the iPads and gave staff both a £10 iTunes gift card and a couple of weeks to play with them, and then called them all back again for the first official training session. For this session we asked Mike from Western Computer, who had advised us initially and who we purchased the devices from, to come and give us a bit of an introduction to the iPads and the various ways to use them in our classrooms. Having Mike run this training was part of the reason we purchased from them.

I fully admit that I missed a lot of what Mike was saying during this session, as I spent a great deal of time setting up a couple of the iPads that staff had struggled to use so far. This session was the Wednesday of the first week after half term, so there hadn’t been a lot of opportunity for staff to come and see me for assistance before this. Some had managed to set them up but not get them going on our school WiFi – a difficult feat for most given that you have to set up manual proxies and authentication details.

I did manage to pick up some tips and tricks, and scribbled some notes down (ideally I would have put it straight onto the iPad but I was not quick enough using the on-screen keyboard, and despite having a stylus I wasn’t proficient at writing quickly into any app without using my wrist to smudge it and/or accidentally delete things). I transcribed these notes onto a Google Doc and shared them with the relevant staff, so that they could add to them as well. Here’s what we started with:

There are a lot of other apps that I’ve since recommended to staff and used myself, and I aim to blog about these at a later date. I’ll also be blogging more specifically about Stage for #BlappSnapp – click here for that timetable.


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