Guided Access on the iPad

I am fortunate enough to not have to share my iPad with other staff. I’m also waiting on the delivery of three iPad minis for students to use, but from time to time I’ve been handing my own device over to students to use. One thing that has worried me previously is that there is information stored on it that I do not wish students to access. It’s not that I don’t trust my students, but I know that for someone unfamiliar with them, it’s easy enough to hit the wrong button and access something else when trying to get the app back. I’ve used restrictions previously, but that’s frustrating as I’ve had to move apps around again afterwards, mainly to the toolbar.

Today I started using Guided Access. This allows you to lock the iPad to the current app only. I wanted students to use the calculator on it. They were doing worldwide population calculations, and their regular calculators didn’t allow them to input enough numbers.

To activate Guided Access, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access. Toggle it on, and you’ll be asked to created a passcode.

Next, open up the app that you want students (or your own children) to use. Here’s my calculator:


Forgive the poor photography – you can’t screenshot whilst you’re setting it up, so I had to use my phone. This particular calculator is full screen.

Next, triple-tap the home button. This will bring up the Guided Access options:


You can choose to have both motion and touch on or off, and can also switch off both the sleep/wake button and volume control. When you start Guided Access, you can no longer access the home screen or any other apps.

To end it, simply triple-tap the home button again and enter your passcode and hit End. This allows you to go back to normal usage – and your apps are right where you left them.


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