Apps Gone Free

apps-gone-free-icon-razorianflySince getting my iPad, I have been, and remain, loathe to spend money on apps. Early on, somebody suggested that I download Apps Gone Free.

Essentially, every evening Apps Gone Free release a list of apps that are temporarily free. Some are free only for a day, some for a couple of days or a week, and some for longer. Apps do pop up again in the freebie list from time to time.

There’s all kinds of apps available. There are a lot of photography apps – some that I’ve downloaded include Doodly (£1.49), Path on (still free), Focality+ (69p), blurr (still free) and Popkick (£1.99).

There’s productivity apps galore – among them Tiny Scan (£2.99), which allows you to take a photo and immediately crop it and convert to a PDF – handy when you have a HD camera and you want to email photos. Smart Office 2 (£6.99) is a fairly comprehensive Office-style app. Some of my colleagues have downloaded this and prefer using it to the alternatives we purchased, including Pages and Keynote. Bindle (69p) allows you to make PDF presentations and photobooks.

There are stacks of games. Many of these are for younger children, and as such I’ve not had reason to download them. A colleague who teaches Health and Social Care, as well as Child Development, routinely downloads them for students to access as part of their learning in various modules. Other games I’ve downloaded (besides those for my own entertainment) include Hollow Words (still free), and Pic-a-Phrase (also still free), both of which I use with English lessons either as a starter to get students thinking or as a reward at the end of a good lesson. We get very shouty at Hollow Words – normally quiet students suddenly become highly competitive! I’ve also used Apps Gone Free to get Daily Poetry (which sadly seems to have disappeared from the App Store) and Brainstormer (£1.49) – a great story-telling prompter for creative writing – for use in English lessons.

I don’t find something I can use every day, but tend to download at least a couple of apps each week. They have culled through the thousands of free apps available at any given time to make their own choices, but also take into account apps that have been ‘bumped’ by the Apps Gone Free community – apps suggested to go onto the free list  by users. It’s well worth keeping an eye on for  unexpected freebies.


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