Photography Apps

I have a problem. I’m a photography app addict. There – I said it. One of the main things that I use my iPad for in class is taking photos, and I use a variety of apps to add text, make collages and generally make them a little bit more interesting. For the purpose of this post, I’ve used just one photo to demonstrate the different effects of the apps (with the exception of the Moldiv collage, to which I added three more photos). I have more than I’ve shown below, but these are my ‘go to’ apps.

Comic Touch 2, which is actually a free iPhone app, allows you to use a photo as the background to a customisable classic comic book front cover. It’s a tool that I use, generally in conjunction with other apps, as part of digital storytelling. You can edit the title, the existing text on a variety of different templates, and add speech bubbles and graphics to your cover.

Comic Touch

Dramatic HD (£1.49 but occasionally free via Apps Gone Free) has a large variety of black and white filters to apply to your photos. These range from a basic colour change to infrared filters. You can also spotlight certain areas of the photo to highlight them.

Dramatic HD

Focality! All Inclusive (which strangely won’t allow me to provide a link) takes one photo, has you select a focal point, and automatically generates four versions of the image with increasing focus on the point you’ve selected. You can then choose from a variety of frames and backgrounds to display these images.


Moldiv is a great free app for creating photo collages. It’s really simple to select from a huge variety of layouts, add existing photos, select a frame colour or pattern and add text or stickers. I’ve found it particularly useful when blogging with students.


Over is another app that allows you to add text, as well as a variety of existing content such as images and stickers. There are a range of sticker/icon packs that you can download for free, or purchase. It’s currently £1.49 but has previously been available for free.


Quipio is my current favourite image-related app. You can choose an existing image, or simply input text, and you get a variety of layouts. Some are free, some require payment. The app itself is free. I used text only in the Quipio image in this post. You can highlight various words, which will give different effects on the layout.


Text Here is a comic-style app that allows you to add captions and/or speech bubbles to any image. It’s very simple, but effective. Currently 69p, it’s also been available free of charge.

Text Here

Finally, ToonCamera applies a filter that gives the appearance of comic book images. It’s great when putting together digital stories (and goes well with Comic Touch and Comic Life). It’s currently £1.49 and, again, has been free in the past.


Whilst certainly not all of them, these are a few of my favourite things! I’m sure I’ll add more to my collection before long…


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