classtoolsIf you haven’t seen classtools.net yet, you’re missing out. There’s loads of free web tools available (you can pay for a premium version which removes the ads etc, but it’s not essential). Tools include the random name generator fruit picker:

random name generator fruit machine

The countdown timer (where you can pick various theme tunes – including *the* Countdown 30 second timer – with various time limits):

countdown timer

My new favourite has to be Fakebook. This, alongside the Fake Tweet and SMS Generator helps bring social media into the classroom. I’ve used it to create a fake Facebook profile for ‘Macbeth’, creating something of a plot summary along the way.



Granted, it’s not a fully detailed plot summary, but that’s the point for the particular lesson I’ve planned for. Students have seen the film version of ‘Macbeth’ to get a general overview of the plot, and this will be used as the basis to fill out detail – students will be creating Fakebook profiles for some of the other main characters.

I’ve been able to save the profile without having an account with classtools.net – I can just use the URL to go back to it and edit it whenever I want. You can add images and videos, and you can also print it. I used my printer function to print as a PDF so that I can email it to students and keep a copy for my files.

It’s a different way to create character profiles that harnesses the technology that students are using every day. If nothing else, it should help to keep their interest long enough to actually engage with Shakespeare!


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