ICT Across the Curriculum

Today I delivered my first CPD session to people other than my colleagues. It was definitely nerve-wracking, and hopefully I didn’t talk them into some kind of zombie-like trance! It seemed to go ok, and hopefully they all picked up a trick or two.

I used Haiku Deck to create the presentation, as I was aware it would lead to more discussion than hitting them with slide after slide on Powerpoint. Luckily, despite me having used the iOS app to create it, there’s a web version as well. I say luckily because – as pointed out in the presentation itself – tech fails. The LCC public wifi wouldn’t allow me to mirror my iPad successfully, so I had to present it from my laptop. I showed a couple of things to young teachers on the iPad afterwards. I guess it’s one way to demonstrate my tech failure point!

You can see the presentation here.


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