Pocket-AppI’m not sure if Pocket qualifies as an addiction or simply a tool I can’t live without. As an avid Twitter user (addict), I often spend myself scrolling through my feed and seeing link after link of things I think I want to read. Prior to discovering Pocket, I’d email these to myself. Some mornings, especially Monday mornings, I’d log in to my work email account and discover 15 or 20 emails from myself, all with things I thought I’d like. I’d let them sit in my inbox, annoying me, until I would eventually just delete them in my never-ending quest to empty my inbox.

Pocket allows me to save these links in an out of the way place. I can let them build up, happily unaware of just how much I have added, until I find myself with some decent free time and can sort through it. I’ve spent several hours happily reading through brilliant articles, blogs and research, before feeding them into one of my other addictions – Pinterest.

There’s plenty of ways to use Pocket. Once you’ve registered (which is free), you can upload items via their website. For me, that is the most laborious – if you can call having a separate website open laborious. As a Chrome user, I’ve added the extension to my browser and can send things to Pocket at the click of a button. I’ve also downloaded both the Android and iOS app, which links to my Twitter accounts, so that I can long press on a tweet, and just hit ‘Add to Pocket’. I’ve done that an awful lot today!

Pocket screenshot

Once I’ve logged into the website, I see my saved links in a tile view, which can be switched to a list. I can read the ‘Pocket version’, or click through to the original site. I can archive or delete the articles once I’ve read them – as I said, anything I want to keep goes onto one of my Pinterest boards (which, in turn, tweets automatically – a vicious social media-based cycle!).

Given that I rarely stop for more than five or ten minutes during the day, this provides me with an opportunity to hoard information in a manageable fashion, and consume at will, without being reminded of everything building up in my inbox. If you haven’t already tried it, I recommend giving it a shot.


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