Photo Editing Made Easy

Any photo that I take using my phone (a Google Nexus 5) automatically backs up to my Google+ account. Now, I rarely use Google+ as a social networking tool, but this photo back up is excellent. On top of that, there are a few features that make it even more worthwhile.

The first is Google’s ‘Auto Awesome’. Every now and then I get a notification that one of my photos has been ‘auto awesomed’ – Google has decided on its own to edit one of them. Here’s a recent example:



Inspired by this, I had a play with the editing features on Google+. A quick filter, a frame, some auto enhancements, and voila!



It’s not overly different from Instagram or any number of other photo apps, but I like the seemingly random nature of Google deciding to make my photos that little bit better.

The other thing I really like that Google+ does with my photos is to create stories. It takes the location information (assuming you have it turned on) and creates a story using your photos, locations and even times. You can add narrations later if you wish. You can see an example of a Google+ story here.

One last great thing about using Google+ for automatic back up of my photos? 15GB of free space. Much better than the 5GB I get from Dropbox.


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