Comic Life and Boys’ Literacy

This year our intake of year 7 students is very boy-heavy – just over two thirds in fact. I was tossing around some ideas to create a new literacy display, and decided to try to make it something that might interest the boys I teach enough to make them look a little closer.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t like paying for apps, but one that I have bought is Comic Life. I decided to use the ‘Avengers’ characters to make some posters for my classroom display; each one focuses on a different aspect of writing. I also downloaded a comic book-style font and did a quick bit of text for the board – ‘The Avengers fight back against poor writing’.

Comic Life is obviously set up to create full comic stories, but it’s easy enough to just recreate the title page again and again, as I’ve done, within the same document. I then exported it initially as a PDF, before also exporting them as high quality jpegs to share with other staff in my school.

I’m more than happy to share them, just give me a shout. There’s nine altogether.

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3 thoughts on “Comic Life and Boys’ Literacy

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