Revision Skills

I’m running a short whole staff CPD session on Monday about using Comic Life. Our acting headteacher caught wind of the Avengers literacy posters I’d made and asked me to do a quick session on it. As such, I’d wanted to show some resources for other subject areas. I know that it’s often used in PE, including in my school, so I didn’t include that, and started on some resources for Catering (based solely on the fact that I teach in the Technology building). I whipped up a quick hygiene poster and figured that a visual recipe card – which might end up including the actual recipe if they felt it would be useful – would be helpful.

I then spent some time trawling through examples created by others, for various subjects, before remembering that I had come across a revision tips infographic that I’d wanted to adapt to suit a display space I have in my classroom. The infographic is this one from Archbishop Sentamu Academy. I’ll certainly be putting this up in my classroom to help out my Year 11 form class, and I’ll be sharing it with our staff on Monday.


Tying hair image
Chef image
Hand washing image
Pizza images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Revision strategy poster
Grumpy Cat and Success Kid meme created via Make a Meme app
Desk image
Revision guide image
Post-it notes image
Mind-map image
One minute timer image
Timetable image
Take a break image
Water image
Flash cards image
Get results image


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