Recent IMS Articles

When I’m not trying to keep up a blogging routine here, or remembering-forgetting-remembering my Staffrm posts for the #44weeks challenge, I’m also writing for Innovate My School. Here’s a selection of the more recent posts I’ve done for them:

Learning moments: there’s a Disney reference for that

It’s a post about how I seem to be able to shoe-horn a Disney reference into pretty much every lesson I teach.

What does innovation mean to me?

This was a post about not reinventing the wheel constantly, but making small changes in order to see better results. Reading it again has reminded me to take another look at the things I’m doing in class this week to see what I can ‘remodel’.

How to keep your teacher-spirits high

I’ve been a fan of #teacher5aday for a long time, but it’s not the only thing that we can do to help promote our own well-being and mental health. This is a discussion about three different ways to look after yourself when the workload is building and pressure is high.

Reflection and revision in GCSE English

If retweets and likes are anything to go by, this one seems to have either really struck a chord with fellow teachers or is actually useful. I’m teaching the new GCSE English spec for the first time this year and I’m working to build reflection and revision into lesson time every week. This is an explanation of how I’m doing it.

This seems like a bit of a cheat blog post but I wanted to share the articles here as much for my own use as for anybody else’s. Hopefully normal blogging will resume later this week!


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